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2010 and one note at a time

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Jim McNeilMonday, March 29th 2010 9:43PM

Thanks my friend!  AND now author of an amazing book.  Master Photographer, Award winning songwriter and all around nice guy!

Vaughn WilsonMonday, March 29th 2010 3:54PM

This morning as I drove to work, low and behold what sounds were emitting from my truck's radio speakers!  It was my compadre in musical crime, Jim McNeil, spilling forth by way of the USM radio station (where I had labored as a hard working student/DJ many years ago playing newly released Beatles, Stones, Barry Manilow, etc.).  Since my drive to work is a very short one, I sat in the truck until the last notes of "Waiting For A Miracle" were but a memory.  Good job, my friend.

Dr. PhilThursday, April 17th 2008 4:20PM

Your music is very moving...it is a force that brings us all here together…like the field of dreams, we may not know why we are drawn here, but none the less, we rejoice in being here...only good can come from this dialogue, and you shall be rewarded and profit greatly from the transactions that occur in this cyber-disco...but alas, your reward may not be monetary in nature...remember, in the struggle between the stone and the water, in time, the water wins...so patience is required.

If your desire is to truly sell millions of CD's, then lo, go forth and sell...but be forewarned…do not sally forth on the faithful tractor, as it shall only serve to slow you down and delay the arrival at your intended destination, a place known as "Fortune and Glory"


Dan FThursday, April 17th 2008 11:52AM

Saw last years Drawdown and the performance you put on at the Jagged Edj, amazing, never stop. The CD is great, see you on the road!

SissyThursday, April 10th 2008 4:10PM

Talked to my eldest LATE last night at his frat house. He had the cell phone on speaker as usual for the entertainment of all. When I mentioned your music, a guy in the room, Rob McCoy, went wild! It seems he stumbled onto "you" a while back. I would try to repeat the string of complimentary statements but it would only further that ego! He had been to one concert after purchasing his first CD, then dragged his younger brother to one last spring or the summer. How cool to have yet another generation into that mellow, yet strng voice and sound that carries you away.

Sissy S.  TolbertWednesday, April 9th 2008 11:31PM

Bet you never heard this from me,but...speechless!Beautiful,moving, much matured since '79. From the big brother I knew to the 49 1/2 year old man/freind I hope to get toknow better. Love the family photos.What a blessing. Loved Jacque's remark. Sooo me.Write.


VickiThursday, November 15th 2007 1:46AM

Your music is amazing and takes me places I haven't been in a really long time.  I miss your voice but this helped remind me how much I loved to hear you sing.

BullockSunday, September 2nd 2007 10:39PM

Lincoln County Forever!

Thursday, April 6th 2006 7:39PM

Angels are nearly impossible to contain.  They appear when it's time.  Your time and their time aren't necessarily the same time.  You know?


Clarissa, the AngelTuesday, April 4th 2006 10:43PM

Tell us about your experience with angels....

I've know one or two angels in my time..........they usually show up  after I needed them........